Štambilj gumeni + Trodat Professional 5274 (60x40 mm) MCI


With Multi Color Impression, endless stamp designs are possible.
Enhance the impression's appearance by choosing one or more colours from the wide Multi Color spectrum instead of the standard black pad.

› Minimum distance between colour fields is 1.5 mm
› Minimum size of the colour field is 7 x 7 mm
› Gradients or blended colours are not possible
Šifra proizvoda: ST.TR.5274.MCI

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438,28 kn
Proizvođač: STANCAONA

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Opis proizvoda
THE BENEFITS OF MULTI COLOR IMPRESSION AT A GLANCE + Differentiation. Meet your customer demands for differentiation and individuality. Select your own colour fields for the impression. + Trade Symbol. Offer your customers unique impressions with colourful symbols and company logos which emphasise their corporate identity. + Process security and repeat orders. The patented Multi Color manufacturing process guarantees the exact colour and shape throughout the production process and for repeat orders, and that of the replacement ink cartridge. + Top quality impression. Your multi-colour impression in line with Trodat's high standard of quality. + Variety of colour. Include any of the 15 available colours for your impression design.
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Dodatne informacije
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